It all starts on Thursday May 16th (6:30 pm) to Sunday May 19th (til 4:30 pm)

Pre-conference training May 14th to 16th

The World Open Space on Open Space, known as WOSonOS, is coming to Florida in 2013. What a wonderful time it will be to see colleagues and friends from across the globe joining others in the Tampa Bay region, many of them newer to Open Space who are learning and have only recently experienced this technology. Yes, there is a definite buzz in the air!

We have the great privilege of hosting this World Open Space with the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and a Global Team of folks, who each in their own way, will be contributing to this event. Most of the activities will be taking place at the newly constructed USF Student Center, located in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg. A map to our event here.

This will be the 21st Annual International Gathering of Open Space practitioners. In 2012, our colleagues and friends in London England hosted us and in 2011, it was happening in Chile and the year before that in Berlin. Wherever it happens is always uniquely special just as it will be in Florida in May.

Word about our event is spreading fast locally, regionally and beyond. We see this as a tremendous opportunity to create greater awareness around Open Space Technololgy and to introduce the process with profit and non-profit organizations, in the community, with leaders, students and others - ordinary people who are involved in extraordinary initiatives, wanting to make a difference. In the weeks and months leading up to May, we are hosting training workshops and also organizing Open Space events around important issues that people care about.



A Compelling Theme for 2013

Open Space is a powerful process, a process that has proven itself over the last 28 years with hundreds of thousands of people of different cultures and languages, with many organizations and groups in nearly 140 countries on a multitude of issues and projects, big and small.

Many of us who work in Open Space have seen the power and potential of this technology. We have experienced the magic that happens when people unleash individual and collective leadership and how it ignites creativity, innovation, action and high performance. What we've also come to realize is that Open Space is as much about life as it is about solving problems, dealing with complex issues and creating new possibilities for the future.

As part of our annual learning journey together, many participants will likely feel inspired to tackle this theme imagining the possibility of a tipping point in a world that is seeking new ways of working and being together.

Who Typically Attends!

  • Experienced Open Space faciliators from around the world who are passionate about their work and who love learning and sharing about it with others.
  • Individuals who are new to Open Space, who have experienced it already and perhaps even been trained; now they want to know more.
  • Participants in Open Space who have seen the power and potential of Open Space and who want to introduce it in their organizations or communities.
  • Harrison Owen discoverer of Open Space Technology and author of many books.

Our hope is that WOSonOS 2013 as an international gathering will offer the best of our traditions along with that special spark that feels brand new because of the diversity of people who will be attracted to attend. What we know is that when individuals come together to be in Open Space with others from around the world, the conversations and sharing are always rich, memorable and intense.  

We envision that the Spirit of WOSonOS 2013 will vibrantly carry forward into actions and initiatives throughout the year as it has in the past. We expect no less this year.

For more information: Suzanne Daigle                                                       Or check here to learn about: Open Space Technology